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  BL Series-17 
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  Kid's fun shower
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Kids Fun Shower

Fun Shower for the kids. Simple and easy operation and installation.
Available in many fun shapes.
Colorful animal shape hand shower.

Fun Shower

in USA only
( Free shipping to Canada for orders over $120)

  • Cat Shower head
  • Tiger Shower head
  • Dolphin shower head
  • Frog Shower head
  • Monkey Shower head
  • Duck Shower head
  • Easy Installation
Select Shape :

Buy 1 for: $ 29.00

Fun Shower for Kids

Power spray plus. Deliver a satisfying high-performance shower makes your shower head ideal for bathing children and pets.

Perfect for children

Childrens' Best Shower friend

An unusual yet perfect gift!

 Cat Fun Shower

Cat Shower Head for Kids

 Tiger Fun Shower

Tiger Shower Head for Kids

 Dolphine Fun Shower

Dolphin Shower Head for Kids


 Frog Fun Shower

Frog Shower Head for Kids

 Monkey Fun Shower

Monkey Shower Head for Kids

 Duck Fun Shower

Duck Shower Head for Kids

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