A Designer Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat can give a dashing look to the Washroom


A designer washlet bidet toilet seat can give a dashing look to the washroom


There is a craze for designer toilets nowadays. More and more people are turning towards having a state of the art toilet in order to add elegance to the overall aesthetics of the house. With the advent of new technology the entire issue of construction has seen drastic changes. Today most of the buildings are constructed with increased emphasis to design and scope to improvise. Due to the steady improvement in engineering technology buildings have nowadays become a lot more than mere residential houses or office spaces. They have become fashionable and state of the art structures and it is an undeniable fact that a properly designed toilet adds to the elegance of the residential structure.


Modern toilets are today commonly equipped with automatic washlet. A washlet bidet toilet seat is basically a toilet seat that is accessorized with a water spray to facilitate cleansing of the anal and genital areas and maintain personal hygiene. Earlier bidets were used for this purpose. However, with the integration of the cleansing accessory to the toilet seat, you get much more space for your toilet without compromising on hygiene or functionality. Some of these bidet toilet seats are equipped with automatic sprinkling or automated opening and closing of the toilet seat. These are basically updates to your standard toilet that ensure you have some quality time while you do your thing.


With advanced technology, the regular toilet seats have become high tech. There are models designed in such a way that the users get an enhanced “toilet” experience customized to their preferences. Some models come equipped with electronic buttons to change the temperature of the water coming from the bidet sprinkler. Others even provide a nice massage or air drying features that are designed to give the user all the comfort he/she would require. These toilet seats are also equipped with sensors, auto clean nozzles, customized night lights, and quick release seats to enhance your toilet experience.


You can find designer washlets provided by a plethora of different companies. Obviously the big brands would cost you more. A simple search online would reveal that there are other models manufactured by lesser known companies at a much lower price. These models need not necessarily be of inferior quality or lesser features. Sheer brand power can step up the price phenomenally. A well designed washlet bidet apparatus should have the functionality you are looking for and stand the test of time. There would be no use in adding too much functionality if the build quality is compromised.


There are many online stores that sell washlet through the internet all over the world. Buyers can easily visit these websites and place an order after going through the catalogues. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions, shipping policy, payment procedures and other relevant information before ordering to avoid inconveniences in future. As these washlet bidet toilet seats are designed to add elegance to the building, it is advisable to take the suggestions of an interior designer or plumber in order to have the best possible results.


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